APC Wheel and Suspension Kit

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4 Wheel set and suspension for 28mm plastic armored truck.
Kit includes:
-4 Wheels.
-front suspension assembly.
-rear suspension assembly.

(truck not included)

This kit requires some modelling skill to assemble. Recommended for experienced modelers.
This kit is hand cast in high quality resin.

Designed and sculpted by Jake Schneider.


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  1. Posted by Andy (last year), Rating 4

    Bought this little kit so I could take the Taurox Challenge (make a Taurox look cool). These wheels did the trick. Now my Taurox is the talk of the FLGS. Kit is difficult to construct/glue, so I don't recommend it for newbs.

  2. Posted by Benny Rae (last year), Rating 5

    Amazing job on this kit with a gratifying level of detail. As with the other reviews took a little bit of fiddling with to get into place but that's the fun of it right? Would buy again.

  3. Posted by Carraig (3 years ago), Rating 4

    Got two of these kits to go with my AM trucks. Great detail and a really clean sculpt. Only thing that stops it being 5 stars is a lack of instructions and a slight design error on the alignment of the back fork, nothing a hobbyist can't work around but something to fix in future sculpts.

  4. Posted by Stephen Dutton (3 years ago), Rating 5

    I'd been interested in the basic kit this wheel set is for, but the tracks had always put me off. I'd heard from others that the various generic model wheels available were all either too big or too small but this conversion kit take all the hassle out of it. There are some small pieces involved here, but with a little patience you'll finally have a truck that looks like it ought to while the wheels look as if they were a part of the kit rather than an add-on. I bought three of these to take advantage of free shipping and they were with me in the UK (so about as far from Australia as you can get) in a week.

  5. Posted by anonymous (3 years ago), Rating 4

    When I first bought a specific model, I thought it looked terrible. The tracks made it look very stupid. I bought this to fix that and now I have 4 of them. My only complaint it the first time trying to build the axles is confusing. After some trial and error, I managed to get it all together. I did have some minor sculpting problems but nothing a hobby knife couldn't fix. I definitely recommend this kit.

  6. Posted by Derek (3 years ago), Rating 5

    The kit is a bit fiddly, I had to break out the tweezers to assemble it. But once you get it together, it looks amazing. It comes highly recommended from me. I bought three and will buy more if the need arises.

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