Arcadian Rifles Squad (Female)

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Female Arcadian Rifles Squad.

10 woman squad of Arcadian Rifles troopers. This all modular kit contains enough parts to build your own all female Arcadian squad, including grenade launcher specialist and sergeant.

This kit includes:
1x 11 female Arcadian Heads
2x 5 Arcadian Female Legs Standing
2x 5 Female Flak armor torsos
1x 10 Canteens
2x 10 Small Ammo Pouches
1x 10 Bayonets
1x Female Arcadian Sergeant Sprue
1x Female Grenade Launcher Arms
1x Female Grenade Thrower Arms
10x Female las rifle arms
1x 5 Canister grenades
1x Female Arcadian helmet.
10x 25mm round plastic slotta bases.
(over $65 worth of bits for only $49.90)

Hand cast in high quality resin. 28mm heroic scale troops. Multi part miniatures require some skill to assemble. Recommended for experienced hobbyists.

Sculpted by Victoria Lamb and Gregor Adrian


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  1. Posted by Michael (11 months ago), Rating 5

    What I especially like about them is that they achieve their female looks by their proportions and not by accessoirs like heels or long hair and also not by posing like on a catwalk. They look like professional soldiers and not like combat barbies. The sculpt is great the cast is very good with only little flash and also the delivery was reasonably fast - less than 2 weeks to Europe.

  2. Posted by Huon (last year), Rating 5

    I'm using 70 of these troops as the core of my custom Imperial Guard regiment, and so far they are looking great. The models assemble really well, and they clean up quite nicely which is good to see for resin models. I'll post an update in another month or two when the army is completed and painted.

  3. Posted by anonymous (last year), Rating 5

    after cleaning them up they looked fantastic painting them has been a joy and playing with them will attract attention. If i could rate this higher i would.

  4. Posted by Mike (2 years ago), Rating 5

    Just assembled my first squad of arcadians last night. The resin is definitely more finicky (fragile and flashy) than GW plastic kits, but Victoria is doing excellent work here. The squad looks great. Posing is dynamic and mold lines were easy to clean up. Very excited to paint them.

  5. Posted by dawson (3 years ago), Rating 4

    Delivered at lightning speed by aussie post, i got my minis the day after i got the email saying they were shipped. They look splendid, with only a bit of flash and a tiny bit of bubbling on the grenade launcher. Can't wait to paint them!

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