Captain Caine (metal)

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1 Single piece 30mm Metal Captain Caine Miniature, plus pith helmet and plastic slotta base.


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  1. Posted by Max (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Just got one of these as a gift from a friend. I have seen every Praetorian model in the GW line and nothing even comes remotely close to the pose and features of this guy. Fantastic work Vic!

  2. Posted by Seany (5 years ago), Rating 5

    One of the best single miniature sculpts - inspiring and great to paint. thank you Victoria

  3. Posted by Kyle Barr (5 years ago), Rating 5

    The pictures dont do it justice. The model is superbly detailed. He goes great for any company command squad or platoon command squad.

  4. Posted by Nevin (5 years ago), Rating 5

    This officer will be defending Queen Victoria. He should be a central figure in any of your armies.

  5. Posted by Raymond (5 years ago), Rating 5

    This is an amazing sculpt. If you have or are building a pith helmeted army this officer is a must! His scale is perfect for 28mm heroic (40k -nudge nudge wink wink), and looks fantastic on a gaming table. Top casting, great detail, and sooo much character!

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