6 Cthood Alien Heads

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6 Cthood Alien Heads.

Resin conversion parts for creating your own Guard Squads.

Compatible with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular plastic kits.


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  1. Posted by Richard (11 months ago), Rating 5

    I'm creating a Cthulhu Nurgle Army from Warhammer 40k, and these heads are littered throughout my Plague Zombies. Thanks! They're fantastic out of the bag and required little cleanup. Great quality for Resin as well. Thanks!

  2. Posted by Beardy Hammer (last year), Rating 5

    These are so cool. I have the metal ones and will be getting some more in resin when I next order. Great detail, full of character and perfect for xenos troops.

  3. Posted by alarmingrick (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Bought a set of these for a friend and almost couldn't let them go! They literally required no clean up out of the bag. And they looked fantastic painted up in his Chaos army.

  4. Posted by Lone Dirty Dog (5 years ago), Rating 4

    Quirky, weird strange even but never the less cool looking heads, still not sure what I am going to do with these but they were to great not to get. Maybe a mad scientist henchmen octo-men ?

  5. Posted by Seany (5 years ago), Rating 5

    I have seen a few companies do something similar - but these are the most visually effective - and they paint up great. Thank you Victoria

  6. Posted by Seany (5 years ago), Rating 5

    NODDING! - these are already on my to get again list... GREAT for so many figure ranges and concepts of RPGS.. the detail is superb. Thank you

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