6 Dress Cap heads (metal)

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6 Dress Uniform Cap Heads.
Metal Conversion parts for creating your own Guard Squads.
Compatible with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular plastic kits.


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  1. Posted by Max (5 years ago), Rating 5

    I love the amount of depth in all the facial expressions. It's nice to now have somewhere to get proper miniature head sculpts. Time to start cutting off the heads of most my IG and replacing them with your work.

  2. Posted by Jordan Walraven (5 years ago), Rating 5

    It is a very rare thing to find faces that are this expressive. It is even rarer to find faces with this level of detail that are affordable. It is this quality that I have come to expect from Victoria Miniatures and I have never been dissipointed. I can not recommend these products enough.

  3. Posted by Thierry. (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Very finely detailled heads, fits perfectly IG bodies toi make officers for IG infantry platoons

  4. Posted by Xeno Hazard (5 years ago), Rating 5

    One of the only places you can get these heads for specific tastes with certain IG regiments, these are some of the best in the business.

  5. Posted by Lone Dirty Dog (5 years ago), Rating 5

    These are one of the best releases so far, the first choice was the obvious one a particular fill in 40k unit which will work perfectly. However since then mine will be used on several projects, some will be part of my Steam Punk police unit, others will be for my IG tank drivers.

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