Heavy Weapon Crew Arms (resin)

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Heavy Weapon Crew Arms.

This set contains 14 different arms suitable for heavy weapon crews or for adding variety to commanders and squads.

Fully compatible with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular heroic scale troops.

Set includes:
-4 right arms with rifles.
-1 left and right arm with ammo crate.
-1 left arm with ammo crate.
-1 left arm with binoculars.
-1 left arm with remote box.
-1 left arm pointing.
-1 right arm pointing.
-1 left and right arm pair with ammo crate.
-1 right arm shading eyes.
-1 left arm held up signalling.
-1 left arm with Zippo lighter and bonus smoko dude head.
Sculpted by Paul Hicks and Victoria Lamb
Cast in resin.


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  1. Posted by Dylan (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Loving the extra details these bits will add to my units. Really like the character of the smoking head.

  2. Posted by robbie (5 years ago), Rating 5

    had lots of fun with this, added some of these bits to my HW units to make them that little bit different

  3. Posted by noneoftheabove0 (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Well casted parts in a variety of poses. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the smoking head and the lighter. I did a little conversion work with one of the arms to accomadate a heavier weapon, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected working with metal to be.

  4. Posted by Nevin (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Want some differentiation within the ranks? Get these! Awesome!

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