Highland Guard Piper conversion kit

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1 Highland Guard Piper Conversion kit.

Includes piper arms and head. Please note this is not a complete miniature.

Conversion parts for creating your own Highland Guard Squads.

These parts are compatible with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular plastic troops.


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  1. Posted by David (last year), Rating 5

    These are out of stock--hopefully will be back in stock soon. I am looking for two sets for a project to make a medieval band.

  2. Posted by Ciaran (5 years ago), Rating 4

    I finally built my Highland Command Squads regimental piper with this kit. Very good construction and the only visible flash lines were on the pipers head. Very easy surface to paint on as well. My only problem was that even with all the tinkering I did (or at least willing to do), there was a large gap left between the pipers arms/bagpipes and the chest, although that could work to my advantage.

  3. Posted by MrMoustaffa (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Got one of these a long time ago on a whim, and I have to saw it's an awesome piece. Fits very well with Cadian torsos and I often use him as an Officer of the fleet, Regimental Standard, or really an excuse to get him on the table. He always gets compliments and looks great.

  4. Posted by Al (5 years ago), Rating 5

    I use these guys as my vox casters in 40K. I love them. They're a grat focal point in my or anybodies army. It a great little conversion piece and it adds so much character. Smply awesome.

  5. Posted by Javin (5 years ago), Rating 5

    I ordered the highland piper to make an addition to my Warhammer 40K British/Cadian forces. I thought what better than Highlanders to be my storm troopers? And every Highland Force needs a Piper! I used the Piper on a Cadian Torso. The Arms are very flexible and I was able to get the head and arms to work with the Cadian Torso with very little bending and shaping. The soft metal was able to move and flex but did not break. I recommend this product if you want a bag pipe.

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