Imperial Noble (metal)

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Imperial Noble

Whether an arrogant Imperial officer, a down on his luck nobleman or rogueish fop, this fine fellow is always accompanied by his trusty pistol carrying monkey.

“Imperial Noble” measures 32mm from his feet to the top of his head (38mm to the top of the feather). He comes in three parts: Figure, monkey and base.


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  1. Posted by Mihalis (5 years ago), Rating 5

    I bought this model for my Empire army but it turns out to be so characterful and have so much detail that it would be a shame to be lost in a big unit of other plain and simple models. I just love his gritty and smug expression and of course his pistol holding monkey...!

  2. Posted by Nevin (5 years ago), Rating 5

    A nobel position it is to have a monkey carrying your pistol. This is a great piece, very characterful. My Empire Army loves him. Buy one for the pleasure of owning one if for no other reason.

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