Penal Guard Custodian Conversion Kit

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1 resin penal guard custodian conversion Kit.

Suitable for 28mm heroic and 30mm troops. Compatible with the Victoria Miniatures range and popular plastic guard.

Fine detail miniatures cast in high quality resin.

Kit Contents:

1 riot gear head

1 warden head

1 officer head

1 Armored torso

1 groin guard

1 officer torso

1 pistol holster with keys

1 ammo pouch

1 arm with baton

1 arm with pistol


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  1. Posted by Joshua (4 years ago), Rating 5

    I was looking for some penal guard bits to make a unit in a GW guard army, as they don't make the parts themselves. I bought this kit along with the old metal conversion bits and it as a blast to assemble and paint! Great job on these minis, I'll be buying more in the futur!

  2. Posted by bob (4 years ago), Rating 5

    Great with the penal guard, especially for 40k, given that there are no official models for the unit. Great sculpt and fits very well with cadian parts. Great fun to paint too!

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