Rolled Sleeve Rifle Arms (male)

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5 different pairs of arms with Rolled Sleeves and Laser Rifles for 30mm heroic scale troops.

Great for giving your grunts that battle worn, vet look. Recommended for use with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular plastic sic-fi troops.

Hand cast in high quality resin.


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  1. Posted by Will (last year), Rating 5

    Really great pieces for conversions! I've tried other 3rd party sites before and the scale is never quite right but they were more in scale than the parts that came with the torso piece. Forge World quality too. Will be spending a lot more money here soon and be getting the full units. Highly recommend!

  2. Posted by BrookM (5 years ago), Rating 4

    Simple, yet effective. Nothing quite says "Hold on, this is about to get serious!" quite like a pair of rolled up sleeves. A nice touch is the small "line" on the right arm, excellent for squad colours. Only thing I don't like about some of the rifles is the type of bayonet used, which I guess is some sort of spike bayonet, but to me looks like it was just stuck on. A minor point really as these are easily snipped off. All in all, great addition to the range!

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