Rough Rider Legs x5

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5 pairs of Rough Rider legs.
Compatible with Victoria Miniatures Guard and popular plastic kits. These will fit GW outrider plastic Horses.

Hand cast in high quality resin.


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  1. Posted by Tim Grulke (2 years ago), Rating 5

    I purchased 2 of these when they first where released in resin. They turned out great and work so well with the horses i sourced (Bretonian outriders i think) and other bits. The arms also worked well, the only thing that bothered me was no shoulder pads, a problem i was able to deal with buy sourcing them from tank kits and sharing them around.

  2. Posted by Fred Chefson (5 years ago), Rating 5

    ... to any Pratorian Imperial Guard army. And to any human army that need a riders' squad. Those parts are easy to use, and fits perfectly with some plastic product. Great bits!!

  3. Posted by Nevin (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Want to build imperial guard on wargs? on dinosaurs? well now you can. This is a great set for your rider ambitions. While arms and hunting lances come with the set, its greatest feature is the modularity, allowing you to use other torsos, heads and arms. Now the Terran miniworm riders of Dune can come to life. Love this set, buy it, use it.

  4. Posted by Lone Dirty Dog (5 years ago), Rating 5

    Lets be honest there aint a great choice of riders legs on the market, but boy did we get a great set with these ones. All though's Rough Rider units you wanted to build but never had the source of parts for, you now can build away with this great set of legs. Dont forget the set which includes the arms to go with the legs.

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