Tannenburg Fusiliers 10 Woman Squad.

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This kit includes:
11 Female Dress Cap Heads
1 spare cap
10 Victorian Female Legs Standing
10 Female Dress Uniform torsos
20 Small Ammo Pouches
1 Female Tannenburg Officer Sprue
10 Female Dress Uniform Universal Rifle Arms
10x 25mm round plastic slotta bases.

10x Weapon of your choice:
10x Sniper rifles or 10x Las Rifle Mk3 or 10x Las Rifle Mk2 or 10x Auto rifle or 10x AK Auto Rifle or 10x Plasma Rifle or 10x Fusion Gun or Shotgun MK2 or Flamer
Use the pull down menu below to choose your weapon.

Modular Miniatures compatible with popular plastic 28mm troops and interchangeable with components in the Victoria Miniatures Range.

Hand cast in high quality resin.

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  1. Posted by Tim Jones (10 months ago), Rating 5

    I ordered some of these - along with other bits - much earlier in the year for my wife's birthday. They arrived in time, and very quickly (within a couple of weeks) given they travelled to the other side of the world. As a previous reviewer said these do not disappoint and were quite clean of flash, moulding lines or holes. The figures fitted together easily enough. They make a fine start to the female-themed army project they are intended for, will certainly get more as and when able.

  2. Posted by BrookM (last year), Rating 5

    I must've asked for these ad-nauseum now and while the wait was long, the final product does not disappoint, building upon the previous modular kits and bringing with it a few minor improvements. One of the finer little details is how the arms interface with the torsos. The epaulettes of each torso jut out ever so slightly, slotting perfectly into the tops of the arms, allowing for the perfect posing of the arms with the least amount of fiddling about. The quality of the casts is as good as always, with flash all over, but no holes or annoying lines from mold slippage are present, making prep and clean-up less of a chore.

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