Torgo's Trench Raiders, 6 Broolian Beastman Squad

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Fully Modular, all metal, Beastman Trench Raider Squad.
Characterful kit packed with extras to allow unlimited variation for your Broolian Beastman Troopers.
As all Victoria Miniatures all the parts are compatible across the range and with popular plastic Guard.

Contents are:

7 individual Broolian Beastmen heads

6 Armored Trench raider Torsos

6 pairs of Broolian Beastmen legs

6 Pairs of Trench Raider Arms with weapons

3 Trench Raider Hand Weapons

6 Combat Knives

6 Trench Raider Pouches

2 Sprues of Stick Grenades

4 Pairs of Leg Armor Plates

5 Groin Armor Plates

1 Shotgun Strap

6 x 25mm Round Plastic Slotta Bases.

The Future for the Broolian Beastmen: the metal squad will remain available, but there is a 10 man resin squad in the works.

Bits from this set will also become available individually.


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  1. Posted by Sircyn (2 years ago), Rating 5

    I've picked up a few for use in a popular historical version of a certain grim dark sci-fi universe. They make fantastic characterful models and all of the bits mix well with other 28mm heroic scale components for infinite variety without effort. I'd love to be able to buy the legs separately as I need piles of them but not necessarily all of the other bits in the set.

  2. Posted by Peter Bayless (4 years ago), Rating 5

    Finally a convenient (i.e., no conversion) option for those who remember that beastmen/goat mutants are supposed to be a thing in certain grimdark sci-fi universes :) So far my Beastmen have been very enjoyable to paint and play with. I've been using them as chaos cultists and they suit that concept very well in my opinion. Looking forward to the resin release to possibly buy more. Things I would like to see in future expansions of the line include: pistol arms as an option for the entire squad, as well as some female sculpts (I love the look of the tasteful female minis that I've seen Victoria previewing and would love to have beastwomen done with the same spirit).

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